About Persian Caviar

Caviar by Akef, founded in 2004, is the result of a deep-rooted passion for caviar. As the exclusive caviar importer in Europe, the company has quickly established itself as one of the world’s leading caviar specialists.

With global delivery, Caviar by Akef puts a special focus on countries such as the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany, the Czech Republic, Italy, France, Spain and Sweden.

Caviar by Akef caviar is synonymous with quality. Praised for its freshness, taste, aroma and texture, it is a favorite among (sea) fishmongers, hotels, restaurateurs, caterers and caterers, both nationally and internationally.

Discover the unmatched quality of Caviar by Akef. Indulge in the refined taste and unique experience this caviar has to offer. Order today and experience the luxury of real caviar, delivered directly to your home.

Discover Persian Caviar: A Journey from Authenticity to Luxury

Enter the mysterious world of the “Food of the Gods” with Persian Caviar. We are happy to share the secrets of this exclusive delicacy with you.

Our passionate approach combined with natural treatments, makes this unique experience available to all. At Persian Caviar, care is paramount, from entry to the moment of enjoyment.

Persian Caviar meets the strictest standards, recognized by EC legislation, CITES certified and operates according to HACCP standards. We as caviar importer and producer guarantee the purity and quality of our entire range.

Caviar by Akef is known for its unparalleled texture, aroma, taste and structure. These unique features make our products the preferred choice at home and abroad. Especially appreciated by (
Michelin star
) restaurants, caterers, hotels, retailers and wholesalers.

Be enchanted by the perfection of Caviar by Akef. Order today and soon enjoy the luxury of real caviar, delivered directly to your home.

Elegance Preserved: Dedicated to Endangered Sturgeon Protection

Sturgeon, the source of true caviar, are becoming increasingly rare, making this exclusive delicacy even more precious. Unfortunately, the sturgeon is now on the endangered species list. Factors such as pollution, smuggling and illegal catches contribute to this worrisome trend.

Internationally, CITES plays a crucial role in controlling trade in endangered species, including the sturgeon. CITES has established strict rules and agreements with concerned countries regarding capture and control. The legal import and export of caviar are regulated by CITES and it goes without saying that Persian Caviar complies with this CITES seal.

Discover at Persian Caviar not only the pure taste and rarity of real caviar, but also our commitment to sustainable trade and conservation of endangered species. Order today and contribute to a responsible and enjoyable experience.

Experience Persian Caviar: The Peak of Freshness and Exellence

On behalf of Persian Caviar, we hope to have given you more insight into the enchanting world of caviar. Let our delicious delicacies tempt you!

Service and quality are our highest priority. Persian Caviar is the exclusive importer of caviar in Europe, recognized by both the E.G. and CITES, and acts according to strict legal HACCP standards.

We import our delicacy directly from the country of origin, allowing Persian Caviar as a caviar importer to guarantee the highest possible quality and freshness. We deliver our products with care, ensuring that they reach you in perfect condition. So you can enjoy the unparalleled quality you count on.

Of course, we welcome you to visit Persian Caviar in person at Gevers Deynootweg 57e in Scheveningen! If you prefer to store online, we invite you to take a look at our
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us. Have fun shopping!