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Contact Persian Caviar for all your business needs in terms of quality and sophistication. As a leading supplier of luxury caviar for the hospitality industry, we understand the unique requirements of chefs, restaurants, hotels and caterers. Our expertise in providing top quality caviar makes us the first choice for many industry professionals.

Do you have specific questions about our selections, the origins of our caviar, or advice on the best ways to present it in your establishment? Or are you interested in the rich traditions that accompany this delicacy? Our specialized B2B team is ready to support you. We see every business interaction as an opportunity to share the wonderful world of caviar and enrich your culinary offerings.

Caviar is not just about taste; it is also about presentation, tradition and creating unforgettable experiences for your guests. Would you like to experience our products in bulk? We invite you to a personal demonstration. Make an appointment in advance to ensure a customized experience that meets your business needs.

At Persian Caviar, we value the relationships of trust we build with our business partners. Our commitment to transparency and world-class customer service reflects our promise to exceed your expectations.


For instant communication and quick answers, contact us via the WhatsApp button at the bottom right. We appreciate the busy schedules of hospitality professionals and strive for efficient and timely communication.

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At Persian Caviar, we believe in the power of collaborations. Whether you are an influencer with a passion for luxury delicacies or a distributor abroad looking for the best in caviar, we are open to various partnerships that share our vision and values.


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