Bestsellers Smoked Salmon and Sea

  • 24,5098,00

    The Stylish: Royal Class salmon

    Stylish, refined and lightly salted, the Royal class salmon is in a class of its own. The fresh smoked flavor, which elegantly covers your tongue, provides the best salmon experience you could wish for.

  • 29,50118,00

    The exceptional: Rooihout

    Spicy, red in color and a unique smoky flavor will forever change the course of your choice of quality. This salmon with an elegant taste is a classic with a twist, smoked on redwood; this salmon is for those who can handle the unexpected and dare.

  • 95,00

    The king of kings: King Crab

    Exuberant, too big for life and just undeniably delicious. Our cooked King Crab will change your definition of high quality. Its fresh and distinctive flavor is not to be missed and must absolutely be tried.

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