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    The essential: Cooler bag

    It is essential that the products remain at the right temperature. And there’s nothing better than the Persian Caviar cooler bag. Apart from the functionality, it’s also nice to have!

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    The Opener

    An unmissable tool, specially developed for opening your favorite can of caviar. With a beautiful sturgeon and our ‘Akef’ brand on both sides, it looks more like a collector’s item. Almost as if it misses the mark, but we promise it will function as it should. You can always count on him.

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    Presentation is everything:

    At Persian Caviar, presentation is of great importance. The total experience when consuming caviar must be in order in all facets. A premium product deserves a chic presentation and this gift box is definitely one of them. Stylish in design and finished with an eye for detail. The interior of this luxurious gift box is finished with beautiful velour, this makes for a refined experience. Suitable for sizes 30, 50, 125 and 250 grams caviar. This box is equipped with two mother-of-pearl spoons of 9 cm and one can opener.

    *Free when ordering at least 2 cans of Osciëtra Royalty Selection, Imperial Royalty Selection or Beluga Royalty Selection of 50, 125 or 250 grams.

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    Extremely delicate caviar spoon made of mother-of-pearl. Available in 3 convenient sizes, 5cm, 9cm and 12cm.
    Ideal for bragging rights caviar.




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