King Crab Legs

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The king of kings

Exuberant, too big for life and just undeniably delicious.

NOTE: King Crab legs go per 5KG



  • Largest size

  • After the catch cooked on board

  • Caught in crab season

  • Direct from Norway

  • Caught under strict supervision


King Crab Legs Cooked / Raw: Combination of luxury and convenience

Highest quality in its segment, texture and flavors of our King Crab legs cooked/raw are highly sought after by foodies around the world. For real king crab, you’ve come to the right place. Persian Caviar has been a specialist in this beautiful species of crab for many years.

Our King Crab legs come from the icy seawater over Norway. Our crabs are all caught within the season. This is crucial for the preservation of the ecosystem and, of course, for the quality of the crab itself; the legs of the king crab are filled with meat on all sides of their armor.

King Crab legs are known for their wonderful texture and flavor. The crabs undergo multiple quality checks so that you receive only the very best. Immediately after the crab is caught, the first check takes place, followed by multiple checks on all action points. Finally, we perform our own quality control before you receive the product. King Crab legs are highly sought after for their high quality and ease of preparation.

Persian Caviar is King Crab’s main supplier to several Michelin-starred restaurants in Europe.

We take the utmost care in packaging your King Crab. A beautiful product like this deserves the overall picture. That you get a party at home with every package from Persian Caviar is our commitment.

We recommend a 500g serving as an appetizer for 2 people. For a main course +

Additional information

King Crab

Boiled 5KG, Raw 5KG


King Crab Legs
Size L5
Condition frozen
Provenance Norway

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